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Learn about fabrics, styles, brands and everything else you wanted to know about custom clothing.

tailoring and alterations

Why Every Man Can Benefit from Tailoring and Alterations

Are you frustrated at having to buy clothes that never seem to fit you quite right? Do you want to look like the men on this list, but aren’t exactly working within a Hollywood budget? Are you concerned about the kind of message that your current wardrobe is sending to coworkers, friends, and potential romantic […]

custom made suits

7 Benefits Of Owning Custom Made Suits

Got an important event coming up, one that requires you to look your best? Maybe you’ve grown out of your old glad-rags and are thinking of re-investing in something new? Often people avoid investing in custom made suits in favor of what they perceive to be the quicker or easier option. The trouble is, that’s […]

mens custom suits

How to Know Which Colored Suits are Pefect for You

When a man puts on a suit, it often gives him a sense of pride, strength, and power. It’s a sign of professionalism and is key for jobs, job interviews, and formal events. A whole 66% of men say that wearing suits makes them feel more confident; 62% of them admit they feel more successful, […]

custom tailored shirts

3 Tips for Picking out Your First Suit After College

Every man needs at least one suit in his closet. A sharp suit is important for weddings, business meetings, interviews, and formal parties, all of which become far more common after graduating from college. This is an essential wardrobe item for most modern men, yet many recent college grads don’t yet own their own suit. […]

tailored suits

How To Impress Your Client In 7 Seconds

A person’s first impression of you is made within the first seven to 17 seconds. Because you don’t get a second chance to make your first impression, it’s essential to dress not just professionally, but with style when the time comes for a business meeting. It’s important to dress for success when meeting a prospective […]

The Perfect Custom wedding tuxedo by ls mens clothing

Custom Tuxedo for the Groom: Why Should Only the Bride Have the Dress of Her Dreams?

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